September 8 08

so, it’s not that i cried wolf per se (when i’d complained on twitter about the weekend adventure in Blue Mountain with 8 adults and 7 kids in a 5 bedroom condo for three days)…it’s just that i don’t – in general – deal well with travel of any kind. i usually try to cancel any trip at least thrice before the actual start. on some occasions, i have actually canceled. so, the mere thought of spending that much quality time in such a small place with so many people where i have ZERO control was giving me heart palpitations…and cue the panic attacks now okaythanksbye.

and it turns out the way it aways does.


the only setback was that our bathroom was also the communal one. i.e., ali sports a poop baby for three days…but, Mike has heard enough of Ali’s poop talk so this is the last i’ll mention of it.

oh, and Miss Bella decided she wasn’t going to go to sleep – AT ALL – on Saturday night.

neener, neener Mommy…what’re you gonna do about it??! hmm?

so, i punished her. she wasn’t allowed to do what the other kids did sunday morning. she had to stay back in the room, in her bathing suit no less (that was her doing, not mine. i’m not the devil, you know!) while all her cousins went swimming.

and i followed through with it.

so, neener neener on you Isabella. you are dealing with the wrong Mommy! i am a superhero. i’m FOLLOW-THROUGH WOMAN!

but there were lots of good things.

a Starbucks at the base of the mountain. in-laws who are do-ers (i am NOT a doer) who took the kids climbing up the mountain (and Isabella didn’t fall off, even though she thought she might) and into caves and swimming twice. some quality time with my baby niece Keira (when she wasn’t being harrassed by her entourage cousins Emily and Ben.

cousins! all of the cousins! (well, the ones on the Martell side, and NOT the ones who live in Israel. but cousins!)

People to play board games with – risk! scattergories! balderdash!

and i even got my father in law to say “fuck all”. awesome.

and the FUNNY.

oh my god. the funny.

adina: i think that’s g-a-y

me: i think you are r-i-g-h-t

ben: rigit?

josh: midget? i know what midget is!!!! IT’S WHEN YOU PUT SHOES ON YOUR KNEES!


i’m still dying. especially because that was when all the kids got their respective crocs and pranced around the room with their knees inside singing ‘the lollipop guild’


politically correct, my children certainly are not.

(**no offense to little people. my son is five. and has no manners. where was he raised, anyway??!?!)

as always, you can see some more pics on flickr :) what did you do this weekend?!??

  1. That. Is. CLASSIC!!! CLASSIC! Total Family Circus material — only sans the politically incorrect part.

    Congrats on getting through the weekend. I was thinking about you — wondering how you were holding up!

    Haley-Os last blog post..Coming Out of the Dark


    Comment by Haley-O on September 8, 2008
  2. I’m jealous! Haven’t had anyone to play games with in forever! My time with the in-laws this weekend was spent slightly inebriated, which made it completely tolerable! And if you can’t laugh at children pretending to be midgets, what’s the point? :)


    Comment by Kate on September 8, 2008
  3. Sounds great – the kids are all adorable!!! We have game night every Saturday night – so far though, we have only played Junior Monopoly, Operation and Snakes & Ladders plus Rush Hour. Getting Scrabble Junior for Christmas!

    What did we do this weekend? Um, where to start – pizza on Friday as I was too buggered from my conference last week to cook; ballet rehearsal on Saturday plus a birthday party; triple (?) swimmning lessons on Sunday, visit to beach for brunch with friends and a swim (too cold for me = boys in the water minus wetsuits); and dinner out with kids with friends at a great Mexican restaurant.

    Needless to say, I soooo did NOT want to go to work this morning, considering after 4 days away, I am already 2 weeks behind!


    Comment by Heidi on September 8, 2008
  4. sounds like a great weekend!

    for us it was two hockey training camp practices, one soccer semi-finals game (lost, boo hoo ..) and one soccer bbq complete with Mr. Megablocs himself.
    Afterwards, just for fun, a massive cleanout of 7 yr olds room, four (4!) garbage bags later, and two HUGE tubs of toys to give away .. and there is some semblance of order in there now!


    Comment by Sarah on September 8, 2008
  5. You had me at ‘poop baby’! Well, you had me before that, but that just clinched it (so to speak) for me!

    My weekend was spent watching Dexter (mmmm!), reading about far, far gorier vampires than Edward Cullen, and trying to stay warm. Suddenly it’s winter here! Sort of. I know. Pretty exciting, huh?

    differentkindofgirls last blog post..coming clean about my dirty mind


    Comment by differentkindofgirl on September 8, 2008
  6. I think a good midget post is required of a blog at least once a year.

    This weekend… I had a garage sale and started drinking at 10AM on Saturday. Needless to say, it was the best garage sale EVER, hands down.

    lorens last blog post..Four out of five geneticists agree… I’m a klutz


    Comment by loren on September 8, 2008
  7. Wow. That many kids in one condo. You are very brave. My weekend was a blur of anti-histamines and kleenex so I’m not really sure what happened.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..The Face Of Fear


    Comment by Captain Dumbass on September 8, 2008
  8. Cousins rock.

    Also, I must say I’m saddened by your missed opportunity… rigid midget? Come on, Ali, you’re slipping!

    SciFi Dads last blog post..A Brand New Low


    Comment by SciFi Dad on September 8, 2008
  9. I usually forget what the bathroom looks like for the first 5 days of a trip. Or after I move.

    Backpacking Dads last blog post..Four Fathers


    Comment by Backpacking Dad on September 8, 2008
  10. looks like a great weekend Ali!


    Comment by LAVENDULA on September 8, 2008
  11. Supermom. I follow through.

    Dude. I think you need to copyright that. It is brilliant. I could see it on tshirts.

    OHmommys last blog post..Problem solving my way into a penthouse.


    Comment by OHmommy on September 8, 2008
  12. Sounds like a fun crazy weekend!

    Teena in Torontos last blog post..Book ~ "The Story So Far …" (1997) Sheldon Currie


    Comment by Teena in Toronto on September 8, 2008
  13. man, i just watched this whole show on midgets (though they want to be called little people or dwarfs – i’m not sure these labels are any better) and beauty pageants for 5 yr olds last night.

    wait a minute, why am i telling you this?

    gorillabunss last blog post..gloss and gleam


    Comment by gorillabuns on September 8, 2008
  14. I think Josh is awesome. I love that answer.

    Me um…tried to start labor, to no avail.

    Issas last blog post..T- one week. Am still pregnant.


    Comment by Issa on September 8, 2008
  15. I cried and screamed profanities at the TV when Chuck Liddell got knocked the eff out at UFC 88.

    True story.

    But man, you guys looked like you had fun. AND THERE WAS A STARBUCKS… you can’t vacation where no Starbuck’s exists. It’s my mantra.

    Undomestic Divas last blog post..Winner!


    Comment by Undomestic Diva on September 8, 2008
  16. OMG, the little one is SO cute! Funny family gathering!


    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on September 8, 2008
  17. OMG we had a totally un PC moment yesterday too. Kids are insane and hilarious. Looks like it was a good trip!

    Misss last blog post..Holy Blogger Weekend Batman – Pt. 1


    Comment by Miss on September 8, 2008
  18. Good for you for following through! Dave is really bad for writing cheques to the kids that he has NO INTENTION of cashing and it drives me INSANE.


    Comment by mamatulip on September 8, 2008
  19. Your niece has the most stunning blue eyes!

    How did I not know you went away this weekend? I’m so behind on Twitter…

    Angellas last blog post..Finally Living Up To Its Name


    Comment by Angella on September 8, 2008
  20. What a fun weekend!

    nap wardens last blog post..Not Deep


    Comment by nap warden on September 8, 2008
  21. what an awesome weekend!!

    i especially love all the family portraits! :)


    Comment by Bronnie on September 8, 2008
  22. Wow, look at you with the follow through!!! Instead of telling Mike about your poop babies, you should teach him your supermom techniques. But you know, “dude” them up.

    heather…s last blog post..Little Miss Horrid


    Comment by heather... on September 8, 2008
  23. Okay. So I think Tom and Katie are frickin’ off their respective rockers, but their little girl, Suri, is so cute. And I totally think the little one you’re holding is the spittin’ image!

    The Over-Thinkers last blog post..We can put a man on the moon…but Hollywood can’t make a decent looking fake tattoo!!


    Comment by The Over-Thinker on September 8, 2008
  24. Good job on the following through! Gotta say though, your niece looks just like Suri Cruise. She definately rocks the blue eyes! Let’s see…this weekend was all about bbq-ing!

    Diannas last blog post..Weekend Re-Cap


    Comment by Dianna on September 8, 2008
  25. I envy you the ability to be crammed into a house with that many members of your family and have a good time. I could never. NEVER!

    Margarets last blog post..There’s Never a Hero Around When you Need One


    Comment by Margaret on September 8, 2008
  26. Yay for the follow through. Wow, that would have been tough but good one Ali.

    Ok, what did we do this weekend… well it didn’t rain, and it was sunny so we did what we always do. Went grocery shopping, walked to the park, went for an evening walk, played in the backyard. Pretty much as much outdoor time as possible because the rain is coming… and holy crap its dark at 7:45. Can I say this – THAT SUCKS!!!!!! I hate the time change worse than the weather. Whine whine whine. Wish I had some cheese for that wine. Oh well, I’l just finish my St. Pauli Girl instead.

    monstergirlees last blog post..Random Stuff


    Comment by monstergirlee on September 8, 2008
  27. Imaging that picture of cousins but… bigger. Yeah, that’s my fraternal cousin a little, there are 14 of us in all, not counting the spouses of the… four… that are marrie,d and the one who’s getting amrried. THen there is the whole nephew thing,a great grandchild, and the two step grandchildren coming into the fold…


    Comment by Mari on September 9, 2008
  28. That is too funny! I can picture it r-i-g-h-t now! I’m a “doer” my inlaws are not. When we go to visit them we spend the WHOLE weekend sitting in the living room and talking – TALKING! Gah! How about we trade, ok?


    Comment by Mom On The Run on September 9, 2008
  29. That is too funny! I can totally picture it! I could never spend that much time with my family in one house.

    Kristabellas last blog post..Unemployed: Day 4


    Comment by Kristabella on September 11, 2008

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