November 20 07

like mother, like daughter.

we both have this nasty little habit of dropping our drawers and just leaving them wherever we’ve declothed. it’s a terrible habit, i know. especially since i dress and undress more often than a normal human being should. At least three times in the morning before work. and at least once when i come home. sometimes twice. don’t ask. my answer will not make sense to you, unless you are one of us. us crazies.

i laugh at inappropriate times. funerals. during exams. at religious services. weddings. brises.

i sometimes chew the inside of my lip.

i have a bit of a potty mouth. (i am working on this, i swear. usually, i just blame the tourettes.)

I steal pens. if they offer free pens somewhere (like, let’s say, at my daughter’s dance school. don’t even ask me how many Vibe pens i carry around in my purse!). when i go to sign receipts. at restaurants. if someone gives me a pen, i steal it. i can’t help it. it’s because there are never any fucking pens. ever!

i never finish my coffee. and i know i’ll never finish it. but i still get the bigger cup, because it’s a bigger cup and it looks better. i always order a grande at Starbucks, even though tall is perfect. i order a large at Tim Hortons, even though a medium is perfect.

i spend too much time on facebook. and on webkinz. webkinz! i freakin’ love me some webkinz. and on the wii. and on the computer.

i don’t floss. ever. even that first day when you come home from the dentist all pumped up with your new toothbrush and your trial-sized floss. even then, i don’t floss.

i quote movies. all the time. for no reason. (again, i blame the tourettes)

what about you??? what makes you a freak?? :)

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  1. I’m all about the Webkinz too. It’s addictive. Matt’s not that interested, but I rock at the games (designed for kids). I’m actually looking forward to his Christmas gift – a VSmile.
    But, OMG – you soooo need to floss. I’m on a big flossing kick since my dentist told me it’s just as important if not more than brushing. (I get the floss picks)


    Comment by Laural on November 20, 2007
  2. nice post! authenticity rocks. i remember when i was a kid several of us on a field trip stole a bunch of pens. we unscrewed them and swapped bottoms and tops with each other so we had duel-colored pens. these were the old style pop-top that the casing turned in the middle. and i hate flossing also unless something just wedges in there too good and a decent toothpick won’t get it. and watch that potty mouth — you know who is making a list and checking it twice ;-)


    Comment by rob on November 20, 2007
  3. lol .. my husband gets out of his clothes that way too .. usually one pant leg inside out. So when I wash them, he gets them back .. one pant leg inside out! Cruel huh?! :)
    I don’t floss either – however I usually do a few days before going to the dentist:)
    Me .. I spend too much time on internet while I am supposed to be working .. shhhh…
    Also must complete daily Sudoku in bed before going to sleep -


    Comment by Sarah on November 20, 2007
  4. I am also an inappropriate laugher. When I was a kid, I once laughed hysterically at a dead German Shepard that was half-stuck in a storm drain as my mom was driving me somewhere. She thought I’d suddenly lost my mind. But yeah, funerals, weddings, religious services, and probably would at a bris, but not being Jewish, I doubt the opportunity to laugh at one will arise.

    I’m also with you on the Wii and the flossing.


    Comment by JMC on November 20, 2007
  5. I too change my clothes a ridiculous amount of times – prework, postwork, post-supper. Whatever. And you don’t need to explain your reasons. I understand.


    Comment by Teri on November 20, 2007
  6. Oh the potty mouth. This is a habit i just can’t seem to kick (although I do try to watch myself around other people’s children.)

    Why, oh why, can’t I stop?


    Comment by b*babbler on November 20, 2007
  7. You aren’t alone my dear. I have that laughing problem too and the coffee thing and DEFINETLY the fucking potty mouth thing. That tourettes, it comes and goes.


    Comment by Miss on November 20, 2007
  8. ah… my arch nemesis, Dr. Chaos, rears her ugly head!


    Comment by Giblet on November 20, 2007
  9. Ah, my potty mouth is a HUGE problem. You’d never know from my blog but I swear like a sailor.
    (and if I win the lottery I’ll get you those headphone/ear muff thingys.)


    Comment by Rebecca on November 20, 2007
  10. Heh. I have a penchant for reading bloggers I suspect might be a little unbalanced.

    Also? I have this problem where I let people know I like them by making fun of them.


    Comment by anne nahm on November 20, 2007
  11. You don’t sound like a freak at all to me! I think I may have found a long lost sister!!
    My mom used to joke that you could follow my steps through the day by following my trail of clothes!

    I love sappy teen movies! We’re watching The Princess Diaries right now lol.


    Comment by Shay on November 20, 2007
  12. I watch The Hills.


    Comment by Stacy on November 20, 2007
  13. In many ways, Ali? We are TWINS.


    Comment by metalia on November 21, 2007
  14. As a fellow ‘pen collector’ I always convince myself that I can’t steal them if they’re ‘free’. Besides, all my working life I gave the pens freely to worthy causes.(when the collection got too big):)


    Comment by Mike S on November 21, 2007
  15. I HATE the fact that my family just steps out of clothes and onto their next activity. I know they do it without thinking, but to me it’s saying, “Oh, this isn’t important enough for me to do. Mom will do it.”

    NEVER steal pens because I am too picky about the pens I write with. Oh, and I hate it when a pen runs out and someone just tosses it back in the junk drawer for SOMEONE ELSE to find that it’s empty!

    And if you read my blog this week, you will find out that I hate malls and Christmas before Thanksgiving…and the combination of the two can be almost lethal!!!


    Comment by Di on November 21, 2007
  16. [...] yesterday, when i made reference, jokingly, to having Tourette’s syndrome, instead of calling me out for being slightly offensive, he played a little episode of Southpark for me. [...]

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