Monthly Archives: June 2007

here in the holy land**

i’ve been here for a few hours. we’ve gotten Emily’s hair cut (so cute!). we’ve had lunch at the cheesecake factory (holy eggplant sandwich. mmm…). I’ve opened up my $25 ipod shuffle (ebay…love!) and my 25 boxes of Girl Scout cookies (no, i’m not kidding. and yes, i am insane). and…

13 of my pop-culture blind spots

Entertainment Weekly did it. and then one of my girl-crushes (see, sam? i told you i have MANY) Snarkwife did it. a list of popular books, movies, music that i – a self-proclaimed pop-culture junkie – seem to have missed. or missed out on. you decide. 1. i have never read…

#3 answered, a nanny update, and a giggly girls night

way back last week, before my nanny quit and life got flipped turned upside-down, i told you some things that may or may not be true. and i still owe you some answers. 3. i cannot sleep in socks. or with a blanket. or even with a pillow. and i…

when life hands you lemons…

…you hijack your father’s D80.   (more on my flickr site) there are no words to describe the envy.  


friday, 7pm. the very last thing i expected to hear out of my nanny’s mouth. “um, yeah, it’s okay if today is my last day?” um, yeah, if by that you mean that today is your last day…until monday. except that she didn’t. she quit. no two week notice. nothing….

#2 answered. and a tap-dancing showgirl….we should have named her Lola.

2. my favorite food of all time is Indian. I almost always choose it over anything. this one is FALSE. i’m pretty picky in general when it comes to food…but i can pretty much find something to eat anywhere. anywhere, that is, at long as it’s not an Indian Restaurant….