March 1 07

thursday thirteen is back. while i was on a brief hiatus from it, it seems it was on a bit of a hiatus of its own. but now, it has since changed ownership and we are good to go.

1. Anna Nicole Smith

2. River Phoenix

3. John Lennon

4. John Ritter

5. Elvis Presley

6. John Belushi

7. John F. Kennedy, Jr.

8. James Dean

9. Princess Diana

10. Chris Farley

11. Aaliyah

12. Christopher Reeve

13. Steve Irwin


  1. My list would also include John Candy & Karen Carpenter. It’s kinda sad thinking about those people again.

    Comment by Kathy on March 1, 2007
  2. Good list, Ali! For me, Lennon, Princess Di and JFK were the most surprising. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard about Princess Di’s death, and JFK’s death surprised me in that “Oh man, that family is cursed” kind of way. I’m too young to remember Lennon’s death but I’m a huge, huge Beatles fan and it still surprises me even now that he died the way he did.

    Comment by mamatulip on March 1, 2007
  3. I was pretty shocked with Steve, Aaliyah, John Ritter & Princess Diana…those are all great list!

    Comment by jenny on March 1, 2007
  4. Where do you come up with these…They are always fantastic.

    I was shocked by all of them..

    Comment by Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom on March 1, 2007
  5. It’s amazing how those celebrities have influenced our culture. Princess Di – I still remember exactly where I was when I found out.
    Great idea for a TT posting. This is my first visit to your site. I’ll be back.

    Comment by Christine on March 1, 2007
  6. Nice list, sweet lady.

    I wonder what our world would be like if these people continued to be a physical part of it.

    Comment by Stacie on March 1, 2007
  7. It SHOCKED me when Christopher Reeve’s wife died so soon after his death – their poor child! Princess Diana died on my 25th birthday.

    Comment by Rebecca on March 1, 2007
  8. I agree with Rebecca
    I was really surprised when Dana Reeve died.

    Comment by Christine on March 1, 2007
  9. TT is back?! yay! i was so sad when they disappeared!

    and yes, i agree with pretty much all of these, but especially princess diana. like christine, i still remember exactly where i was when i found out. so huge.

    Comment by lara on March 1, 2007
  10. Yes, those were all surprising, sad and tragic celebrity deaths. John Lennon and Christopher Reeve are the two that my humans consider the most tragic.

    Comment by Dragonheart on March 1, 2007
  11. Oh, GOOD list!!!

    Yeah, I was really surprised by a few of those… Christopher Reeve though, not so much. I was surprised by his wife’s sudden passing more.

    Comment by s@m on March 1, 2007
  12. Really great list, Ali! You got every one, bang on!

    Comment by Haley-O on March 1, 2007
  13. kurt cobain, too

    Comment by e on March 1, 2007
  14. Cool list. And so right on.

    You forgot Jim Henson. I didn’t believe it when someone told me Kermit’s creator had died.

    Comment by Susan Helene Gottfried on March 1, 2007
  15. This may be a case of you being too young…but I remember the shock I felt when Jim Croce died.

    Comment by Di on March 1, 2007
  16. Great list. I was shocked by all of them except Christopher Reeve. Shocked by the accident. Knew his time may be limited after that.

    Comment by Cecile on March 1, 2007
  17. I would add Selena, Rebecca Schaeffer, and Heather O’Rourke

    Comment by Iris on March 1, 2007
  18. Great list! All of them shocking, most recently Steve Irwin *sniff*.

    Happy TTing, and thank you for visiting my blog!

    Comment by Thomma Lyn on March 1, 2007
  19. i was TOTALLY shocked when jfk jr died…

    Comment by jennster on March 1, 2007
  20. The one that wasn’t really a suprise is Christopher Reeves, after his accident…

    Comment by Jill on March 1, 2007
  21. Good list! Christopher Reeve’s death didn’t shock me as much as his accident did, but all very shocking deaths.

    Thank you for stopping by my TT on Milwaukee. Your step-dad mayor of Glendale — it sure is a small world. I actually live in a ‘burb south of Milwaukee.

    Comment by Penny on March 1, 2007
  22. Mr. Rogers. I’m still upset about that.

    Comment by Chris on March 2, 2007
  23. I am so late, but out of all of those River shocked me the most, and probably made me say a brief oh no that sucks. Well Anna Nicole is shocking too since no one can explain it yet

    Comment by Sparky Duck on March 2, 2007
  24. John Candy’s death hit me pretty hard, though it may not have been entirely surprising, given his risk factors.

    Comment by bubandpie on March 5, 2007
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