December 15 06

the husband hates most of the tv shows that i watch. and when i say most, i mean all, except for Survivor, Heroes, Friday Night Lights, and some HBO shows. oh, and South Park. usually, he gets all whiny and turns into a giant baby when i sit down at night to watch tv.

Thursday nights are usually a problem. i watch so much on Thursdays. the OC. the Office. Scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy. It used to never be a problem since Thursday was hockey night. but, this season, hockey switched to tuesday and it’s been a serious strain on our marriage.

Last night, after Survivor, I gave him the choice. The OC – which he hates, or the Office – which he hates. Instead, he chose something that blew my mind.

he went out to get me a cookie dough ice cream. just because i asked him for it. how sweet is he? Ever since i went off the south beach diet, i haven’t been hungry.

(not pregnant)

actually, that’s entirely untrue. i’m hungry all the time. but there’s NOTHING that i want to eat. except for jalapeno popcorn. i swear.

(not pregnant)

i just haven’t wanted to eat anything. until last night i had a total craving for cookie dough.

let me tell you how utterly blissful it was to watch Ryan say goodbye to Marissa and Jim realize how much he still loves Pam while eating a shitload of cookie dough ice cream. heaven.

(again. not pregnant)


~so long Parvati…glad to know you’d be okay if you were thrown into the wilderness again…seriously, who says that?

~best line: “This is like looking at bad performance art!” ah, Jeff.

~Ozzy rocks my socks. he is a total monkey. when he took his shoes off to go across the pole, i was all, “um, yeah, he’s got this one in the bag”

~sometimes a hat is just a hat, Jeff. What a freakin’ shit disturber. it wasn’t like people at camp thought anything of it when Yul said he was going to bring it back. sure, there had to have been something strategic behind it, but Yul is generally a nice guy. nobody read too much into it until Jeff opened up his big mouth.

~ouch. squared. to Becky’s fall. and between the two women who serve no purpose in this game…Sundra moved up a notch when she got all snarky on Parvati being tired from her massage.

~ Cook Islands Humpback whale incident? what the fuck was that all about? also…i almost died laughing when Ozzy said, “what’s that smell?” and she said “coconut!” you’d think, after 34 days eating very little besides coconut, that would be a smell he’d be familiar with…

have you placed your bids yet?

Her Bad Auction 



  1. Hey, apparently pregnancy has been on both of our brains! Check out the post I wrote last night about the pregnancy dreams I’ve been having. Then I visited you only to find that you too have been thinking pregnancy. I’m surrounded!


    Comment by buttercup on December 15, 2006
  2. Your hubby is a sweetie. I haven’t been watching a lot of TV at all lately, been stuck on the computer, reconnected with an old boyfriend (well actually, he is young, 8 years younger than me!
    But that is a whole ‘nother post). Missed Grey’s completely last night.

    Oh yeah, you have any names picked out yet??? *Grins*


    Comment by Iris on December 15, 2006
  3. I don’t know, remember the bake sale? Classic pregnancy give-away. Will you test JIC? (LOL)

    BTW..Where the heck did Grey’s go? I don’t remember them saying anything about a season ending? But it’s all repeats and I’m SO sad.:(


    Comment by Sarah on December 15, 2006
  4. Did you know you can watch OC on demand on CTV’s website?


    Comment by metro mama on December 15, 2006
  5. No kidding! Jeff was stirring up some serious shit at tribal last night. I don’t think Ozzy can be beat in the challenges, although I don’t remember if he does so well in the brainy ones. Aren’t those coming up next? Parvati’s parents should be bitch-slapped for naming her that. I wonder if Candice was jealous of the touching little moment she and Adam shared when they were waiting on the votes.


    Comment by RLGelber on December 15, 2006
  6. I have a serious case of pregnancy scare right now in my house. Four kids. That would be FOUR kids – well, for both of us. That’s a lot of kids.


    Comment by Rebecca on December 15, 2006
  7. Sooooooo pregnant! LOL!! You’ve totally got it on the brain – two TT’s in a row about pregnancy… eating random shit.


    have a great Friday!


    Comment by s@m on December 15, 2006
  8. Last night’s Office was awesome. Oh gosh howw much I love both Ryan and Marissa and Jim and Pam. Yesyes so much love for The Office here.


    Comment by Scarlett on December 16, 2006
  9. I can’t even tell you how glad I am that Jim is finally coming to his senses! Of course you still love Pam, silly!

    And cookie dough ice cream is my absolute favorite ice cream ever. I can only imagine how heavenly it would be to eat it while watching the Office.


    Comment by Audrey on December 18, 2006
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