November 3 06

my baby boy is 4. it feels like just yesterday that he was born into our little family. he was such a perfect addition. we already had our daughter…the princess, and now we had our son, the prince. and what a prince he was. and still is!

i’ll leave you with a little video i took of him yesterday, when he woke up and we gave him the darth vade voice-changing mask he’s been drooling over.

check out Fabulous today to read about my pre-party jitters and my GREAT new haircut!

and it’s your regular friday recaps:

Grey’s Anatomy:

~best line of the night goes to Alex: “Maybe i should sleep with Burke!”

~we all knew that Alex was headed for the vagina squad…but watching him get all pumped up over the “uteri” (aw, George!) and talking to the baby! swoon!

~great…mcsister shows up to stall some more. Please, let’s get Meredith and McDreamy together. make the lambs stop screaming already. that goose is cooked.

~when George was all like “mcdreamy slept with mchottie? what a mcbastard” i almost died a little bit! perfect!

~I’m liking that there’s some accountability with this whole denny situation and izzy doesn’t get to come back to work and everything does just go back to normal.

~oh my god. my heart is breaking for Bailey. breaking.

~George calling Callie a pig! woot!


~Jeff was super-perv last night…”You guys are deciding who has the longest pole!” and “Ozzy uses the monkey position!” and “Parvati is going back for another swing at her box!”

~what is it with reality show contestents using the term “nancy boy”?

~Poor Rebecca and her pixelated boobs. now at least i won’t have trouble remembering who she is!

~i officially want to marry ozzy and have little ozzlings. love him and his mowgli ways. aw…and he wants to make everyone fat!

~Jessicaflicka bites the dust. can’t say i’m surprised…or saddened by this vote. she sealed her fate when she sided with Cao Boi…oh, and she was freakin’ annoying.

  1. Yes! George playing Cristina and Alex’s “sleep with Burke” comment – so awesome.

    Happy birthday to Josh!


    Comment by Jodi on November 3, 2006
  2. Awesome recap on Greys! BUT, Bailey will get hers…did you see the “look” when she saw Cristina at the board??


    Comment by Tug on November 3, 2006
  3. Forgot – your son is ADORABLE!!


    Comment by Tug on November 3, 2006
  4. Happy Birthday to your son, love the mask.

    Re: Survivor… what was with the Ozzy/animal metaphors? In one episode he was called a monkey, a dolphin, a fish…

    Re: Grey’s… I’m beginning to wonder, with the way Burke’s story is going and the stories about him and Patrick Dempsey having a fistfight on the set because of homophobic slurs, if Isaiah Washington is going to be written out this year.


    Comment by Jeff on November 3, 2006
  5. Aawww…. Happy 4th birthday to you little boy!!

    Loved you’re comments about Grey’s!


    Comment by Jay on November 3, 2006
  6. Oh my goodness … what a cute little guy! Love the picture in the metal tub. :)


    Comment by Kerri. on November 3, 2006
  7. Wow, I didn’t pick up on all the pervyness of Jeff on Survivor.


    Comment by Chris on November 3, 2006
  8. Happy Birthday, Little One!!


    Comment by Stacie on November 3, 2006
  9. Happy Birthday, Joshie!!!! That video is so cute! Love his little voice. :) And, that picture of him in the steel tub is priceless!


    Comment by haley-o on November 3, 2006
  10. Happy Birthday to Josh! He’s a real cutie. My son’s name is Josh too!
    Re: Survivor: Flicka was annoying.Ozzy was a real’Jungle Boy’ last night!


    Comment by Christine on November 3, 2006
  11. What is it about kids in buckets/basins/pots/etc that makes them so freaking adorable?? Even kids who seem as cute as humanly possible become 10 times cuter when placed in a pot.

    Happy birthday Josh!!


    Comment by Audrey on November 3, 2006
  12. Happy Birthday Josh!


    Comment by bella ~ Liz on November 5, 2006
  13. We have those PJs, too! But not the mask. That is waaaaaaay cool. ;)


    Comment by Chaotic Mom on November 6, 2006

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