October 20 06


~~why do you think they saved Nate? It may have been a great opportunity for the other tribe to sauce some panicking and confusion come vote time…if, say, they kidnapped Christina..

~~Also…there was some serious Candice/Adam eye-fucking going on at tribal council. i wonder if Billy was watching at home???

~~i’m not overly upset or surprised that Christina and Cao Boi were sent packing, although Cao Boi certainly made for good tv. Plan Voodoo? wtf? ranks high in stupidity level…right up there with “throwing a challenge”

~~Best line of the night: “What out! There’s sauce.”

~~Ozzy = Otter. love! he catches fish…AND climbs trees like Bobby Jon.

Grey’s Anatomy

~~I’m happy that Izzy’s “fine” and all, but seriously, when are these stupid doctors going to realize that yes…blah blah people make mistakes (even the chief!) but Izzy didn’t make a mistake…she cut the LVAD on purpose. Poor Bailey and Burke. that M&M (??) was brutal. and running around telling everyone you know, “yes, i killed Denny, and now i’m fine and i’m a millionaire.” i want to punch her in the face. seriously.stop the freakin’ coddling.

~~i’m officially on the Addison love train. she looked STUNNING last night. usually i find her too pointy, but last night…HOTT!

~~Ha! the “Swirl”

~~McDreamy being McDouchbag again. He’s so freakin’ selfish. Meredith finally tells him that she’s free and she broke up with him. the woman he loves is free to love him, and he doesn’t freakin’ even notice. he’s wrapped up in his Addie/Mark anger.

~~Loved the Burke smackdown. “You have two good hands and aren’t using them.”

~~But the best line of the night was when Callie told McSteamy that he was sexier when he wasn’t talking. Those were MY thoughts, exactly.

Would you take a look at these suckers? Where did she get those big honkin’ rabbit teeth?

(also? it’s really scary how much she looks like my mother right there. the nose and the mouth shape. not the teeth bit. freaky.)

another thing that’s infecting the internet. she’s talking about it. and so is she. and, oh, her too.

Tracey’s having a baby photo contest. she’s looking for sleeping babies…and really, who isn’t? we all heart sleep. and there’s nothing cuter than the smushy-cute goodness of the sleeping baby. ah….sleep…

you can enter the contest, as well as see all the photos, here. **Warning….you may die from all the cuteness.

i submitted this photo:

we should have known that Isabella was going to be a good sleeper, when at a mere 6 weeks, when we took her to her first Toronto Maple Leafs Game, and she slept through most of it….

  1. That is such a sweet picture.

    I noticed the Candace/Adam thing too. But didn’t they have something going on before the swap? I think so.

    I’m prefering McAssHat, myself.

    Oh, and M&M stands for Mobidity and Mortality.


    Comment by Jeff on October 20, 2006
  2. Morbidity. Jeez, I should proofread.


    Comment by Jeff on October 20, 2006
  3. huh. thanks for that. you’d think with a doctor for a father i’d know these things…


    Comment by amartell on October 20, 2006
  4. Ozzy totally equals Bobby-Jon. Good call! Eye-fucking –teehee…totally! ;) I don’t know why they saved Nate. I wasn’t paying attention at all. The show didn’t grab me at all this week. Maybe because of the fantastic magic show I went to just before? I was over-stimulated….LOVE the pictures. :) She’s got great teeth! ;) Big space in the middle, just like the monkey — it’s the CUTEST!!! The space is getting smaller as the other teeth come in. She’s cutting more bottom teeth finally (she’s had the same two middle bottom teeth for months!!).


    Comment by Haley-O on October 20, 2006
  5. That photo rules! Thanks for submitting it.


    Comment by tracey on October 21, 2006
  6. Ali, lovely photo…tried to enter the contest, but am assuming as my new Flickr account is “pending” I can’t upload a photo of the ‘randa yet?


    Comment by Heidi on October 21, 2006
  7. I couldn’t agree with you more about all of your Grey’s comments!
    Addison did look much different than she usually does–why is that, I wonder? I thought it was just me.
    I don’t know if I want Meredith and McDreamy to get together now….just not sure anymore…


    Comment by Amanda on October 21, 2006
  8. LOVE your sleeping babe photo.
    How could one choose the “best” photo in that contest? They are all stinkin’ adorable!


    Comment by Amanda on October 21, 2006
  9. Cute pictures! I say Isabella should go out as a Vampiress for Halloween!


    Comment by Jenny on October 22, 2006
  10. That’s such a great picture! My oldest son slept like 22 hours in a day too. Our house is known as the “napping house”! Anyone who comes over will have to nap after meals.


    Comment by Waya on October 23, 2006
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