September 14 06

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god.
seriously. the one freakin’ time i forget my camera. seriously. i take that thing everywhere. everywhere. but, yesterday i totally forgot that i was going straight downtown after work to the film festival. and i forgot my camera.

so i have no pictures.
no pictures of the line outside Roy Thompson Hall
no pictures of the losers walking around with tvs strapped to their backs so people in line could watch flim festival footage.
no pictures of the 7 girls from Manchester who we stood in line with and sat with (and were just as Jude-obsessed as i am)
no pictures of the red carpet.
or of Anthony Minghella
or Robin Wright Penn
or Juliette Binoche
or Jude Law.
mmmmm…Jude Law.

he’s gorgeous in person, folks. gorgeous.

and during the movie screening, Breaking and Entering, which was great, by the way, i highly recommend, we were sitting right above the cast. i spied on Jude as he whispered to his castmates. and wondered who the girl sitting next to him was. it was not Sienna Miller. or his nanny friend. he was there alone. in a gorgeous dark blue suit and brown pointy shoes. HOT.
and after the movie screening, the husband waited for me as i was the last person out of the building. well, i and the Manchester girls, were the last ones out. we found a prime spot where we could see Sir Jude shmoozing it up with the VIPs. ah…to be a VIP.

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  50. [...] You spend hours on it, trying to order yourself a pair of Gala tickets. (it’s kind of your thing. every year you drag your husband see a film festival Gala…last year it was Breaking and Entering, whereupon you sat on top of Jude Law) [...]

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