September 8 06

we have a new obsession in our household.

are we had our first sentence on tuesday.
(no, i’m not kidding)

Isabella is beyond obsessed with this birthday Dora doll. she walks around holding her saying, “Da-ra. da-ra!” it’s actually beyond adorable.
we were sitting in the car and the Dora doll had fallen to the ground. Isabella shrieked and then said, clear as day, “I want my Dora!” (i guess it wasn’t clear as day…it sounded more like, “iwama da-ra” but, you get the idea.)

and then she said it again.

until i turned around and picked it up for her.


on another note, please please please come and visit me at my new blog at

and leave a comment. let me know you were there.


yes, i realize that i’m the LAST person on the internet to talk about Suri.

i’ve seen all sorts of photos of her flying around the internet from her debut in Vanity Fair and on Katie Couric’s show.

i’ve also seen the hilarious photo that you WON’T see in Vanity Fair, where miss Suri Cruise looks like the poster girl for the new Omen movie.

Poke fun all you want. (she’s Chris Klein’s! she looks like L. Ron Hubbard! I think i see Pacey a little bit around the eyes! it’s a wig!) lordy knows, i’ve been doing a lot of that! but, folks, this is one cute baby:

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