September 1 06

my mouth went completely dry. i was freezing cold and sweating at the same time. sweating. like a beast. the nausea was coming in waves. terrified, i was.

the truth is, i really didn’t have much of a choice.
i had to do it. just bite the bullet and go for it.

so i did.
i took my foot off the clutch, put my foot on the gas, and drove the husband’s stick shift car. (now, don’t you start asking why he bought a gear shift car in the first place…knowing full well that his wife couldn’t and wouldn’t drive it…because that’s a story for another day).

and i made it to work. in one piece. and i even took the highway. and took the car all the way up to 5th gear!

the only glitch is that i can’t reverse.
and i only stalled once.

and the true beauty of this whole sweaty experience is that it means that the husband can drive morning carpool. he has no more excuses. totally. 100%. worth it.

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