August 24 06

i’m a thursday thirteen virgin.
so i’m not really sure what i’m doing…

Thirteen Things that are overrated

1. The Black-Eyed Peas

2. Lord of the Rings movies

3. Michal Negrin jewelery.

4. Crocs – only for the operating room and for fishermen. also acceptable for working in the garden and on small children, maybe.

5. chocolate bars that are adding caramel to them. ew. leave well enough alone, please.

6. Citizen Kane.

7. Myspace

8. Zoos.

9. Celebrity Scientologists and Kabbalists. it’s enough already. we get it. you’re cool.

10. Rachael Ray.

11. M Night Shyamalan. Sixth Sense? great. Unbreakable? great. the rest? not so much. the same stories with the unexpected twists are beginning to get old. but…if you keep putting Joaquin in your movies, i’ll still see them.

12. poker .

13. Peg Perego with the exception of the p3, which i have and love to pieces, peg is eye candy. and that’s about it.

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