July 18 06

so, it seems that taking an advanced step and abs class when it’s 99 degrees outside, when you haven’t had enough to drink and there was something wrong with the air conditioning in the gym, is not the best idea.
it ended badly. i won’t get into specifics…but it involved the toilet. and also dry heaves.
wow. dehydration sucks.
i’m achy this morning. from the class…jesus, i really worked myself hard. i’m annoyed, though, because i LOVED the class. I was so impressed with myself that i was able to keep up even though i had no clue what i was doing. from the puking. from being up half the night.
well, the good news is that i was able to catch the 11:00 Canadian Idol. although i missed most of Sarah Loverock (i heard her from the bathroom, though. he)

my early favorites are:
Eva. i hope she wins. she’s got both stage presence and vocals. love her.
Tyler. i liked his performance. hey, it’s no rockstar:supernova, but he had a great time up there, and i rather enjoyed it.
Brandon. but mostly because i want to take him home and bake him some cookies or something.
Sarah. i didn’t see her performance last night, but generally i like her.

and i think that Kati is going home. or maybe Rob?

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