July 7 06

there are a few words my daughter says:
dada, um, up, hi, bye bye (which sounds like die-die), yes …typical baby words.

and last night she added a new one to her repertoire…
hot dog.

i’m not even joking.
the husband took out some hot dogs to make for the kids and she made a beeline for them and starting grunting and salivating.
I said, “Isabella, do you want a hot dog?”
and she started giggling and smiling and screaming in delight.
and then she looked at me and said, “hock gog”
plain as day.
and then she said it about 50 more times.
“hock gog. hock gog. hock gog.”
figures. my porker of a baby says hot dog.

before she properly says, “Mama”
as least i know where her priorities lie…


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