June 15 06

note #1 – to all of you people who think i’m a bad mother and let my daughter get herself in dangerous situations…you know who you are…(Stephanie…) – i assure you that both my nanny and i were on the scene – right on top of her – lest she dare do something that could injure her. i just wanted to get it on film (“mommy? what’s film?”). also, this is child #3 for me – and i’ve managed to keep them all in once piece so far…so there…nanananana.

note #2 – Haley told me that I should have given Beth credit for the term pretend celebrity boyfriend. i didn’t realize that was hers. i got it from my friend…you know, the one who loves Adam Brody and Luke Wilson, the one who wants to remain nameless (of course, since she has bad taste in boyfriends…) but, Beth, if it IS your term, i’m sorry that i swiped it. didn’t mean to. either way, you get a shout-out :)


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