Monthly Archives: June 2006

c’mon. it’s funny.

i’ve been pretty kind to Brit Brit of late…but this was just screaming to be posted.

happy canada day

so, i’m working monday. so, while the entire country is bbq-ing and holiday-ing, i’ll be work-ing. but, the good news is that i got the day off today. want to hear what thrilling and oh-so-exciting things i did with my day off??? well, for starters, i left the house at…


i have a serious bone to pick with those stupid bitches who run the employee store. the fucking women who just kicked me out. because i was wearing heels. in the warehouse. what the fuck? i was already in there. they let me in. didn’t even notice my shoes. i…

okay…bias aside

how freakin’ cute is my kid????

crappity crap crap

i’m always the last to know…yessiry. i’m a copycat. Dooce did the clog thing. check it out, because it’s hilarious (i was going to write fuckin’ but the husband commented about how my blog is full of swearing these days….well, note to said husband, maybe if you didn’t leave for…

as we go on…we remember….

All the times we had together And as our lives change, come whatever We will still be, friends forever didn’t think i’d still remember those Vitamin C words, now did ya??? well…i’d like to thank Ms. Paterson for teaching the entire junior kindergarten this song because now i can’t freakin’…