May 19 06

~~holy crap. i thought she was leaving the show, you know, like on a boat, to the greek islands. too many people die in the OC. i can’t believe they killed Marissa Cooper. (can you see the sharks jumping???)
~~loved when Ryan called Summer a beeyotch.
~~snerk…Ryan wouldn’t do anything different, except Oliver. he. i love the past season shout-outs. Luke.
~~I guess now i guess i know how the show will keep them all in cali. and now there’s really a spot for Taylor in the “Core 4″
~~also, i thought Marissa looked awesome last night. her hair looked the best i think it’s ever looked. perfect. right before she dies.
~~this is going to kill Julie.
~~liked the awkwardness of the Seth and Marissa hug.
~~best line? “Thanks for letting me into your box, Summer.”
~~I loved Ryan’s little pushing of Summer right before graduation. is it just me…or would they be smnokin’ together?


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