March 21 06

so, last night we went to see Hair.
the husband told me to meet him in front of his office and park in the lot. it was perfect. only $3. and his office was in walking distance to the theater, so we didn’t need to worry about parking. perfect.
the show, by the way, was awesome. it was the first preview night, so, we were told that we shouldn’t be surprised if there were some technical errors, and we should bear with them.
The show was virtually error free, except for two minor mistakes. the first was hilarious. a door, that was supposed to be slammed shut, refused to stay shut and as each of the actors tried to close it, about 3 seconds later, it would swing open again. the second error occured after the intermission. we waited over 45 minutes for the show to start again and watched this loop of a newsreel on a giant screen. it was about the introduction of walkie-talkies and the Dionne quintuplets. we must have watched the same loop about 45 times. a man in the audience screamed out, “shut off the movie!” and, kindly, they obliged.
I was VERY impressed with the show. I highly recommend, assuming you can get past the fact that at one point, the entire cast is nude. completely nude. everyone.
so, after the show ended, at 11:30, we walked back to the car. which was locked. in the lot. no way in. no way out. we were stuck. so, thanking the lord that I didn’t have carpool this morning, we took a cab to the subway and took the subway home. I was all annoyed and tired and cold and cranky. but, while we were on the subway i just started laughing and told the husband that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. nothing we could do about it now. it sucked. sucked ass. and i’m exhausted this morning…but what can you do?
this morning the husband drove me to work and took the subway downtown. he’s going to drive my van up to me at 4 and then we’ll go pick his car up at the subway. what a complete pain in the arse.


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