March 20 06 i am. back at work.
this morning i basically had to run out of my house. I was afraid that if i had stopped to actually think about what was happening, i would have either chickened out, or cried my head off. or maybe both. so, i kissed the kids. gave baby bella a little cuddle. and hopped in my car.
waiting for me in my car was a card and a gift (a necklace) from my family. it was such a nice unexpected surprise. sure, it wasn’t an A620, but i’ve learned early on that you DON’T kick a gift horse in the mouth. it was so thoughtful.
i haven’t accomplished all that much this morning. I spent some time with the HR people and got my photo taken for my card (and it only took three tries to get a shot with my eyes open. not bad). I got to watch the ” [insert company name here] is a fun place to work” video and the health and safety video.
i don’t have my computer yet, or my email running, or my phone for that matter. i guess that’s why it really hasn’t hit me yet.

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