March 3 06

why, do you ask? for several reasons:

reason #1: along with the introduction of solid food into my daughter, came with it the introduction of the big “C” (yes, i mean constipation). This is something, fortunately for us, we never had with any of our babies. until Isabella. The poor girl now spends much of her time with a red face, pushing her heart out. the poor girl. i turn away, partly because it’s painful for me to look at her straining so hard, but mostly because i feel like the girl wants her privacy. no one wants to share that much discomfort with anyone else, much less your mother.

the husband, such a compassionate soul, drew his weapons last night. a q-tip in one hand. some vaseline in the other. yes, you can see where this is going. my poor, poor bella.

but, drumroll please, this morning, she pooed. hooray! woots all around. my daughter can poo. it’s sad what makes me happy these days…

reason #2: I NAILED my interview this morning. nailed it. at least i think. at least i hope.

reason #3: I got home from interview #1 and got called for a third interview. so, i went from having nothing on the horizon to having 3 interviews in one week. it’s the anti-when-it-rains-it-pours experience for me. wouldn’t that be something? to have my pick of jobs? let’s not get ahead of ourselves…let’s just get a job. just one. that’s really all i need…

reason #4: America got it right folks. they voted off all 4 of my choices for the boot. yay. next week…let’s say goodbye to Melissa, Kinnik, Bucky, and Kevin, and all will be good in the world. and Paula? let’s stay off the sauce.

ack! i almost forgot reason #5: i drove my father in law’s car (remember? the one that i smashed to smithereens? the reason why my father in law hates me?) – to and from my interview – and returned it in one piece.


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