March 3 06

~~not feeling so swell, now, are you Bobby?

~~it was actually nice to see LaMina win something for a change. and Casaya? Casaya is NOTHING short of dysfunctional. how did a girl who is afraid of leaves go from being my first boot choice to being my favorite on the entire tribe?

~~my Bruce love has waned. i thought he was going to kick ass…but he hasn’t done much except build himself a zen rock garden….oh and scream “bonzai” at the challenge.

~~why did they pick the beans? did they not know what that would do to their systems? rice would have been the MUCH much better choice.

~~Jeff, honey, it’s actually pronounced skUll, not Skole. thanks.

~~Courtney’s the new Dr. Phil: “How did you that make you feel when you drank the wine?” Courtney, how does it make you feel when i kick the crap out of you?


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