February 28 06

~~oh, how i’ve missed me some George: “You gave away a gift bag that had nothing in it?”
~~oh, how i’ve missed me some Carolyn: “Summer, that’s the third time I’ve asked.”

~~I would have bought an updrade from a guy with an accent. i’m just saying.

~~I think Carrie Bradshaw and Co. are the only people who are allowed to say “the Russian” and get away with it. Shut Up, Trump!

~~Gold Rush? seriously? Synergy? seriously? truly outrageous….truly, truly, truly outrageous…

~~Tarek is pretty (Orlando Bloom/Eric Bana lite). but that’s about it. one of the dumbest smart people i’ve ever seen.

~~I’m VERY disappointed that Brent is the Canadian…i wanted to like him, really i did. and i felt bad for him when he was picked last…but, honestly, i couldn’t get past all that darn sweating.

~~I like Lee because he stood up for himself and didn’t take any of Tarek’s threats. oh, and also because he was Aaron’s camper…and i think that’s pretty cool.


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