February 17 06

just got into Milwaukee.
well, i got in a few hours ago, but my mom and i had to hit gymboree…because well, the baby sale had everything for 10 and 20 dollars…so how could we resist? and it was gymbucks too…ooh…
everything about my flight was a disaster. show of hands…who’s at all surprised? not i, for one. delayed. engine failure. headwinds. (he…i said ‘head’) took me about 100 years to get here. but isabella? angel doesn’t even begin to describe her. charmed the pants off of everyone at the gate, fell asleep on take-off, woke up during initial descent, had a bottle, and was happy as a clam. she was so good. i am so lucky.
i’m off to blow my hair dry. it’s nothing but exciting around here, let me tell you.


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