February 9 06

i finally figured it out.
i was just going to the gym at the wrong time.
when i was working at  [insert company name here], i only worked until 3 pm every day and always stopped at the gym on my way home…at about 3:15. everyone was always fit, gorgeous, and skinny.

this morning i went back to the gym.
it felt really good to be there. i had the best workout. really. i did.
i’ve been working out. but there’s something being at an actual gym that pushes you to work yourself so much harder.

and there i was, at 9:00 in the morning.
with the chubbies, the tubbies, and the bubbies.
it seems that by 9, the hardcore hard bodies have come and gone. and it seems that by 3, they get the student rush. at 9, it’s wonderful. it’s the grandparents and the stay at home moms. just my speed. i was loving it.


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