February 3 06

we are pretty spoiled with our Isabella.
she’s the kind of kid who only cries when there’s something wrong ala she has a dirty diaper or she’s hungry.

so, last night, she confused the hell out of me.
my nanny had gone to get her haircut. Isabella woke up from her nap, screaming bloody murder. i couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out what was wrong. i smelled her bum. like roses, it was. she had just taken a two-hour nap, so clearly she wasn’t tired. not hungry either.


so, here i am, trying to make dinner for the kidlets. grilled cheese for joshua and pasta for emily. goodness knows, they couldn’t have picked the same dinner. i couldn’t put Isabella down. she was screaming.

so, i pulled out Gilda’s baby bjorn. Mia swears by it and says it’s the only way she can get things done. Ruby too. so, clearly, they must be in the know. so, i strapped my daughter to my chest and made dinner for the kids. guess what? she LOVED it. happy as a clam. no screaming.

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(p.s. photo credit: Emily Martell)

so, we did it all with the bjorn. (btw, i really enjoy saying that word). we brushed joshie’s teeth, put him to bed, did homework with Emily. by the time the husband got home at almost 8, Isabella was still upset. he took off her sleeper to change her diaper and she starting smiling her head off and cooing her brains out. and doing this gurgling thing she’s recently taken up.

then he put her sleeper back on and she started fussing again.
what? what? what?

hmmm…i looked at the sleeper again.
too small.
her poor little sausage feet were stuffed into a sleeper that was too small for her.
and she was uncomfortable.
the poor, poor thing.
i had no idea.
so, we quickly disposed of said sleeper and put her into a nice and BIG sleeper.

i felt so bad.
for her.
and for me for not having figured this out three hours earlier.


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