September 20 05

I love Oprah. Really, i do. I’ve been looking forward to her new season for a VERY long time. and she certainly delivered. a new set that was two years in the making. an interview with Jennifer Aniston, who I swear, gets better looking every month. Divorce looks good on her, it seems.

the CEO of Hermes, to clear up that whole Paris incident. you know the one. but, in the end, they didn’t really clear up anything. but, Oprah gave him a big ‘ole hug and endorsed the $10,000 Birkin bag. yeah, i’ll be buying me one of those, Oprah, just as soon as i donate a freakin’ house via your website (but, i’m jumping ahead of myself).

Oprah gives 10 million dollars to hurricane relief. ten million. holy crap. and then she ask YOU to donate

i just have one question, really. how does someone go from this:

Image hosted by

to this:

Image hosted by

seriously, her hair and make-up people really are miracle workers. sometimes i think that if i ran into Oprah somewhere i wouldn’t even recognize her.
i still love her…


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