July 19 05

so…because my days at  [insert company name here] are over, i had to surrender my email address and my employee card. well, i managed to surrender one. i kept my pass. no one really asked me for it and i thought it may come in handy one of these days (let’s say, if i want to sneak into the employee store…:))

so, because i’ve surrendered my email account, i realized that i’ve lost something very important. my site meter statistics.

i know the code name. but i’ve forgotten the password. i can’t – for the life of me – figure out what it is. i’m assuming it’s one of those generic ones that they give you. either way, i have no clue what it is. i can have them email it to me, but unfortunately, the email that they have listed is my email address that i can no longer access.

this is VERY frustrating.


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