March 18 05

~~”Only Summer calls me Coop” and “Only Caleb calls me Sanford” it’s too much, especially because Sandy’s answer was “and only because he won’t…not” which is what Kirsten said about Caleb calling her Kiki. are they that desperate??

~~I love Summer. The “Asshat” remark. fab.

~~writers? we get it. last year was great. better than this year. get over it. cue the music….”the way we were…”

~~hated Seth tonight. too much meddling, buddy….but i LOVE LOVE LOVEd the captain oats getting “touched” by Ryan comment. friggin’ adorable.

~~anyone catch what drunk Billy Campbell’s shirt said?? anyone?

~~ good line: “If you have to work this hard, then it isn’t working.” I’m so happy the broody/sexy/angry Ryan is back. i’ve missed him. he got all soft with Lindsay around.

~~ and julie: “sorry to interrupt you while you’re…brooding, is it?”
ryan: “yeah, and i’m kind of in the middle of a major session here…” *snicker*

~~ Get your hose out, Cohen

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