September 23 04

When I got into my publishing program, I was one of two York students selected to join the joint program. Most people graduated undergrad and then went on to get this post graduate publishing degree. Beth, the other York student and I, spread the normally 1-year course over three years, while we were taking our undergrad courses at York. It was an awesome way to do it – - – to be in a graduate program and still not have graduated. But, making friends proved difficult. All the people in the class were thrust together for many hours every day – working on projects, making magazines, writing books, etc.

I made some friends, but not great friends. And I was really screwed when my one ally in the course, Beth, decided to drop out. Anyway, last week I discovered that two people from the first of three Publishing classes, back in 1999 – Stella and Jennifer – work at  [insert company name here]. It’s totally random and I don’t really even know them, but they were so excited to know that I worked here too. Stella even came down to chat with me one day.

So, I’m beginning to think that it’s not the entire  [insert company name here] that is unfriendly and dry, it might just be the education department. Stella told me to come and visit them upstairs, and I just might. It’s getting really old just sitting at my desk all day…

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