July 19 04

Well, we just got back from our week away at the Greystone Inn in Lake Toxaway, NC. Before we left, Emily promised that she would be a good girl if we would bring her back a purple care bear. We figured that request was easy enough to fill.
little did we know that we were going to be miles and miles from civilization. we’re talking dial-up internet connections and no cell phone service. It definitely would not have been my first choice – it was slightly too rustic for me – but it was amazing.
I took both golf lessons and tennis lessons…and now i’m addicted to both. I went swimming and laid out and finally got my first tan – ever! no joke. i usually spend hours in the sun and turn bright red, only to have it fade straight back to white by the next morning. but, i actually have a tan.
I spent several hours in the spa – getting a manicure, facial, body treatment, and a massage, which were all fantastic, except for the manicure. My sister went for her pedicure and came out looking like some abstract painting. I’m not even joking when i tell you that she had nailpolish on her toe nails, on her toes, between her toes….it was everywhere. we wondered if maybe the lighting was just bad. But, my sister in law Rachel and I learned the truth when we went for our manicures. This lady wasn’t just a bad manicurist, she was blind to boot. The woman couldn’t see two inches in front of her face, which, let me tell you, is exactly what you want in someone who is coming at you with a nail file. I’m lucky i came out of there in one piece.
I ate like a heifer, but somehow managed to only gain 2 pounds. i told myself that i wouldn’t get on the scale until next sunday…but who was i kidding. i was on there bright and early this morning. I almost got on last night but i knew it just would have ended in tears.
You can see our pictures from the trip here. The first two pictures are of my sister and i breaking the law. They had closed our pool and we were so hot, so we snuck into a private pool!! I’m quite the daredevil :)
we did end up finding the purple care bear, but not in lake toxaway. we waited until we were back in atlanta and hit the wal-mart on saturday night. Thank heaven for 24-hour wal-marts.


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