January 17 05

my Golden Globe Dish…

First and foremost…the most important thing…the clothes…obviously…

Emmy Rossum – okay, this girl is beautiful. flawless skin, gorgeous hair. she looked fantastic.

Eva Longoria – she looked amazing. the best of the housewives. even if she’s “the little one who eats a lot.”

other winners: Cate Blanchett, Portia de Rossi, Jennifer Garner, Drea de Matteo, Annette Bening, my entourage boys.

Charlize Theron – – is it just me, or does she always get her skin coloring wrong? she was looking a little orange last night.

Scarlett Johanssen – She looked big last night – and she’s not that big of a girl. sad. Marilyn Monroe gone wrong. her lips were too red, her hair was too white…not good.

other losers: Paula Abdul, Johnny Depp, Debra Messing

on to the awards:
okay, i swear, it wouldn’t be the golden globes if Meryl Streep, Glenn Close and Angelica Huston were not all nominated for something. they are nominated EVERY year! Oh, how i loved when Meryl Streep (who could poissibly be the scariest woman in Hollywood) got up on the stage and scared Natalie Portman shitless. i love love love that she won. i love Natalie Portman.

My favorite line of the night came from Teri Hatcher, who thanked ABC for giving “me a second chance at a career when I couldn’t have been a bigger has-been.”

Hilary Swank was so adorable when she made sure to thank her husband, Chad Lowe, who she so famously forgot to thank when she won her Oscar in 2000 for her role in Boys Don’t Cry.

Can i just say how much i love Jamie Foxx? It was incredibly touching to see him get all choked up when talking about his grandmother. i heart him.

and Robin Williams? His aceptance speech was a bit slurred and quick, but some of the things he said were hilarious. Thanking the Hollywood Foreign Press for “having Prince, William Shatner, Puff Daddy and Mick Jagger on the same stage — that is a sign of the apocalypse.”

what can i say…i’m a sucker for award shows….so, you know where i’ll be come Oscar night…

  1. we had just seen jamie foxx on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” earlier in the day yesterday and he had mentioned his grandmother. actually, james lipton mentioned that the reason he wasn’t on 10 days prior was blank and jamie foxx was already crying and had to collect himself right there on camera for a minute or two before answering. so sweet how much she means to him. i cried twice in one evening over the same thing. that man definitely wears his emotions on his sleeve. 🙂

    Comment by chisparoja on January 17, 2005
  2. ok – let’s see how I did with my December picks…drumroll, please.

    Best Movie – Drama
    Hotel Rwanda – wrong

    Best Actor – Movie (Drama)
    Liam Neeson – wrong

    Best Actress – Movie (Drama)
    Uma Thurman – wrong

    Best Movie (Musical or Comedy)
    Incredibles – wrong

    Best Actor – Movie (Musical or Comedy)
    Kevin Spacey – wrong

    Best Actress – Movie (Musical or Comedy)
    Kate Winslet – wrong

    Best Supporting Actor – Movie
    Morgan Freemon – wrong

    Best Supporting Actress – Movie
    Natalie Portman – boo y’all!

    Best Foreign Language Film
    House Of Flying Daggers – wrong

    Original Song – Movie
    Accidentally In Love, Shrek 2 – wrong

    Best TV Series (Drama)
    The Sopranos – wrong

    Best Actress – TV (Drama)
    Edie Falco, The Sopranos – wrong

    Best TV Series (Comedy Or Musical)
    Will and Grace – with props to Desperate Housewives – I’ll take 1/2 point

    Best Actress – TV (Comedy or Musical)
    SJP – wrong

    Best Supporting Actor – TV (Mini-Series or TV Movie)
    Sean Hayes – wrong

    Best Supporting Actress – TV (Mini-Series or TV Movie)
    Drea De Matteo, The Sopranos – wrong

    hmm.. 1 1/2 out of 16 – look out Joan I’m coming to the oscar’s!

    Comment by Giblet on January 17, 2005
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