September 24 04

I have to say, I’m not feeling the Survivor love this season. It’s quite possibly because I actually enjoyed Dolly, and am sorry to see her go. I can’t stress this enough – i will not watch this show if all there is to watch is Twila, Scout and a bunch of old men.

But, Dolly was dumb. You never give out any more information than you need to. Never tell people you are the swing vote – it can only come back to bite you in the ass. Never tell people who the target is. If eliza never knew that she was getting voted out and that Dolly may or may not have been voting with the old women/lesbians, she never would have switched sides to vote to poor little sheep farmer off. I have to admit, though, that was a gutsy and fantastic move on Eliza’s part. all the other young’ins are going to kick her ass, but she didn’t get voted out.

  1. My wife and I were just saying the same thing about this season’s Survivor. We’re not sure we’ll watch it this year if it doesn’t get better…somehow.

    I agree with you about Dolly being stupid. I have to say two things about the Survivor contestants in general. When you are told you will be a contestant (especially now that there have been, what – fifty or sixty different Survivor seasons?) step 1) Learn how to make FIRE!! It blows my mind that they all come to the island and cannot make fire. I know it isn’t easy – so learn an practice at home. Sheesh. step 2) Find and watch every full season of survivor that you can – find out who won before starting to watch, take notes, develop a strategy based on all past winners.

    Not Dolly. She’s gotta go around spouting off about how difficult it is for her, all the pressure she’s feeling. Can you say “under the radar”? Obviously she can’t. I knew she was going off as soon as Eliza said she didn’t think she could trust her.

    One thing is for sure. She’s made a strong ally in Leean (spelling?).

    Comment by Sean on September 24, 2004
  2. Yeah…I feel like I still don’t get the fire thing.

    Can’t you make fire with someone’s glasses?? I mean, come on, we all saw Lord of the Flies!

    players definitely don’t do enough research before coming on the show. I feel like I would spend every waking moment learning how to play the mental and the physical game beforehand.

    Comment by Ali on September 24, 2004
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