November 18 04

anyone? anyone?
This is toughie for me. A few years ago, it would have been Hugh Grant all the way for me. There’s something about the gorgey British man, with a bit of an edge. But, he’s starting to age. around the eyes. oh, those blue puppy dog eyes. And no matter how i look at it, i still can’t get that mug shot out of my head….

And Colin Firth. He had me from the second i saw him in Circle of Friends. ooh. the accent. and there’s something very expressive in his face.

hmm…i’m going to have to go with Colin Firth in the end. but i wouldn’t say no to either of them…:)

  1. i just saw the movie last night and i’d have to say that they’re both top-of-the-listers. great casting. but i think that when it comes down to straight hotness, it’s definitely hugh.

    Comment by matin on November 18, 2004
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